Wednesday, May 01, 2013

1977 Written Off

I'm a little worried about writing these days. Like I got an email from someone with this message embedded at the bottom: "Sent from my iPhone, please forgive the brevity or typos."
On one hand I appreciated the sentiment. Advance apologies are so polite. On the other hand I was concerned about the expectation that if one apologizes first all wrongs are automatically mitigated. Where's the incentive to improve? It's like the misguided notion some Christians have that since they can ask God for forgiveness they can keep sinning with no attempt to change. The "Blank Check Christians," as one pastor I know put it. He said he always reminds them that Jesus said, "Go... and sin no more."
I also worry that we are too dependent on spell-checking programs. Like the program produced by a computer program I read at a program the other evening. It was for a school PTO fundraiser of all things. One of the items in the agenda said, "7:00pm, Diner is Served." I'm guessing they meant dinner.
Or this word thing: Recently a famous couple got matching tattoos. Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Avril Lavigne of Avril Lavigne put, in French, on their respective forearms, "Live in the present moment." If you think these people are nimrods, in this case forearmed is forewarned. Because it means the same thing if you say you "live in the present" or "live in the moment." So now, living in the past, present, and future, they have a permanent redundancy tattooed on their skin.
Which leads to my last worry. The legacy kids leave when they only communicate electronically. With deceased loved ones now, we can go through their papers. In the future will we only be able to go through their text history?
OMG. Brevity indeed...
America, ya gotta love it.

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