Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1991 Writing for the Brand

Body art is growing. And I don't just mean tattoos themselves are growing as young tattooees stretch out into obese oldsters. I mean the use of ink and piercings generally.
There was a time they recommended you didn't get tattoos because it might hamper your job advancement. Now one company has said if you want to get advancement you have to get a tattoo. Which pricked my curiosity, and my indignation.
Seems a realty company in New York City is offering its employees a 15% raise if they tattoo a logo of the company on their bodies. Around 40 employees have taken up the offer.
Talk about inking a contract.
It's a Double-R tattoo and the owner, one shortsighted fellow, declares the tattoos show employee's "commitment," then says, "Talk about Marketing, they're walking billboards."
A walking billboard that says, "I work for a jerk."
Or one that has plenty of money to fight a labor lawsuit. Because think about it. You've now created an entire class of employees who will make 15% less, simply because they refuse to permanently change their bodies for the boss. Whatever happened to working harder for a raise?
It's not like wearing a uniform. It's a permanent change you wear even when you aren't at work. What's next? "I want a Rapid Realty piercing on your right eyebrow. That way when you wink at the client you're showing Rapid Realty cares. Better yet, let's snip a clip from your right earlobe. Mutilation for the company, that's commitment."
So what happens if an employee gets hepatitis from a contaminated tattoo needle? That lawsuit could bankrupt the company. Sending current tattooees looking for jobs at, um, other realty companies.
Or worse, RR's owner, on another stupid whim, changes his logo.
Talk about a re-branding.
America, ya gotta love it.

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