Friday, May 17, 2013

1989 App-lied Technology

Modern times. Where is the promise of the future we all thought we'd have? Who would have thought that the liberation of technology would chain us to burying our face in an app?
I wish there was an app for being less self-centered. It was kind of funny. I was at a job fair the other day, and as the younger applicants wandered from booth to booth, they made very little eye contact, preferring instead to fix their stares on their smartphones, even to the point of bumping into each other if the person in front came to a sudden pedestrian stop.
Really scary, because I see so much similar behavior on the road these days that I've already evolved a protective defensive driver strategy. Whenever I come up to a stoplight I automatically look in my rearview mirror to be certain the driver in the car behind me has his or her head up. If the person is looking down in his or her lap, I quickly scan for ways to swerve out of their way if necessary.
Another funny thing I noticed at the job fair. Some of the applicants were older. And in camo. In fact, the two biggest groups at the job fair were military recruiters in the booths for their various branches, and actual military people about to retire from the military looking for civilian jobs.
Those jobs the recruiters promised them would be easy to find. Sad. I even saw a couple of recruiters about to retire checking out the other booths.
I guess I should be glad there are still job fairs at all where you can actually talk to prospective employers face to face. Soon you'll just use an impersonal, or should I say "im-personnel" app.
"App-ly Here."
America, ya gotta love it.

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