Monday, May 20, 2013

1990 Fakebook

Ah, the artifacts of technology. Technological changes creating new wrinkles in the fabric of old realities.
Like fake identities. We've always found uses for temporarily being someone else. Anonymous letters to the editor, altered voice phone calls. But Facebook and their ilk have made it even easier. There was a statistic a while back about 8.7% of Facebook identities being fake. Some estimate much higher.
Which is very interesting on one level. Since Facebook was supposed to be the be all and end all of new advertising. Where you could advertise directly to folks based on the demographic information they entered into their profile. Now companies waste good money sending real ads to fake people.
Some fake identity users take it one step further. Using their fake identities to maintain contact with people with whom contact with the real identify may cause a problem; old boyfriends, girlfriends and ex-spouses and such. Creating fake email addresses to supplement the subterfuge.
In the old days you could fake your identify by dressing as a different gender. Nowadays you can be a different gender on your Facebook email. Not cross-dressing. Cross-addressing.
On another note, I had the misfortune to call QuickBooks recently and got stuck in their high-tech on-hold phone tree. You know, where they don't give you any pressable option and they've disabled the star, number, and zero keys so you can't back up.
On one of the options, before I was transferred to another level, they did have the courtesy to warn me it may be awhile before the transfer went through. Then concluded the warning with this statement: "You may hear several moments of silence."
I may not be up on all the recent technology. But I'm pretty sure you still can't hear silence.
Whoever you are.
America, ya gotta love it.

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