Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1992 Error Bag

As modern times eclipse previously modern times I find myself trying to catch up with the new things I have to worry about. Like in the old days we had to worry about seatbelts. I remember when we actually didn't have seatbelts in cars at all.
Then we had to worry about lap belts alone being unsafe. Causing internal injuries as they distributed all the collision force to your waist.
So then we had the new seatbelts like today that have a chest and shoulder harness. Then we had to worry about fastening them or disabling the ding-ding-ding thing till car companies finally put a ding limit on.
Then law enforcement stepped in, dinging people with fines if they failed to buckle up. "Click it or Ticket" ruled the airwaves and folks were constantly being reminded to tune out not just the ding but the constant pleas for them to help themselves stay alive. Humans is contrary animals. Especially when it comes to saving their lives.
Or not. I've known suicidal people, in the midst of depression, fastening their seatbelts on the way to the building they plan to jump off.
Now we have a new worry. Counterfeit airbags. One might say Error Bags. I read a news story about a guy being charged in an elaborate scam. Selling cheap under-the-table made-to-malfunction airbags to repair shops.
So where did they come from? China.
Oh, what a devilish plot. Melamine in our babyfood and lead in our kids' toys isn't enough. Now it's counterfeit airbags, some of which deploy in a ball of flame. Knowing full well one of the leading causes of injury and death in the US is automobile accidents, China can finish us off even faster by exploding our airbags.
Oh the humanity.
America, ya gotta love it.

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