Friday, May 03, 2013

1979 Nom de Butte

For those of you who like bacon, and can't help but notice that it's everywhere these days, from bacon-wrapped prawns to bacon-crusted maple bars, you'll be interested to know the pork industry isn't satisfied with that success.
Bacon-wrapped prawns; A whole new spin on the surf and turf thing. Seafood and Landfood on the same appetizer toothpick. Surf and turf hors d'oeuvres. Crickets of the sea wrapped in our closest domesticated genetic relative. What's not to like?
Anyhow, the pork industry feels they need new branding. Not actual branding, like they do with scorching hot metal and cattle. Branding like they do on Madison Avenue.
They're doing it by renaming various cuts of pork to give them a more sophisticated sound. Or, as the National Pork Board says, more "consumer friendly."
They recently received approval from the USDA to rename the various consumer non-friendly names. Like they are going to rename pork chops "porterhouse chops." There's an act of friendliness right there. Only seven extra letters to tap in when you tweet your friends about how great your "porterhouse chops" are at the Pork Palace Bistro.
They can also be called "ribeye chops" and "New York chops" depending on the cut. Obviously the pork folks have aspirations of grandeur. Beef loin envy or something.
But here's the kicker. What was formerly called pork butt, even though it's actually from the shoulder, has been given a very ostentatious appellation. Boston Roast. This the cut of meat favored by southern barbecuers everywhere, given a Yankee name.
What is it they say? A roast by any other name... Dumb. Naming a red state product after something from liberal Massachusetts. Bound to been seen as consumer friendly.
I'm guessing Kansas will still call it pork butt. Cause down-home and consumer friendly mean the same thing there. Especially if you add bacon.
America, ya gotta love it.

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