Friday, May 03, 2013

1978 Spitty

The world appears to be going to spit. By which I mean a very similar sounding word. Literally.. Because if it wasn't we would have a whole heap of starvation.
Read an interesting article recently in National Geographic about the green revolution. Turns out much of it can be attributed to the fertilizer revolution. And it all comes down to nitrogen. Most of man's big bonus food crops consume vast amounts of nitrogen, which it leeches from the soil. Nitrogen fertilizer puts it back.
It's not just chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers contain nitrogen too. When you mix up a load of compost, horse manure and chicken poop you're doing the same thing. Animal waste has the same negative effect on our streams and lakes, it's just that straight chemical fertilizers do it much quicker. Removing the organic middleman gut. Which may be safer, as organic options often use manure from antibiotic, hormone, and chemically-enhanced animals.
The article threw out an interesting statistic. It said that man adds more than a hundred million tons of fertilizer worldwide. That's what I mean about the world going to, um, spit.
Buried in another part of the magazine was a different but related statistic. It said the total weight of women and men, the whole heft of humanity as it were, was 633 billion pounds. That's a lot of humans on the hoof.
So really, a hundred million tons of fertilizer to grow food for the 633 billion tons of humans is not such a crazy thing.
The trick is how to fling it around. Remember, don't spread it on too thick. A little bullspit goes a long way.
Dump a shipload of BS, and you'll really wreak some damage.
And that damage will really reek.
America, ya gotta love it.

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