Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1997 Random Acts of Humor

A bunch of random observations today. Us humorist types write down little observations as we go through life. Hoping to one day make them into something someone else can laugh at, or at least acknowledge with a sneer or a groan.
My personal method is to jot them down on a scrap of paper and put them on my desk. Some of those ideas never grow. Stunted little insights, they just can't fit in with any other essays. So they get old and dusty in a pile on my desk.
Until today.
Like this one: Biscotti, the croutons of the dessert world.
See what I mean, where could I possibly work that in with anything else?
Or this one, that didn't make it into a few essays I did on legalized marijuana in Washington State. Is this a good state to have a military facility called "Joint Base Lewis McChord"? Which, by the way, everyone shortens to just "Joint Base."
Speaking of odd words that make me hungry. What's with IHOP? They now have Brioche French Toast. Did you ever think IHOP would be hoity-toity enough to use the word brioche? Like when Jack-in-the-Box first used croissant. Of course they didn't dwell on pronouncing it all frenchy. Cwahsohnn. Burger King got smart and dumbed it right down to croissan'wich.
On another note, I heard an ad the other day for a theater production. They said, "Kids under two get in free." Shouldn't you charge them extra? They're the ones making so much noise and bothering everyone else. Making it impossible for full-paying customers to enjoy the show.
Maybe they need to quiet the wee wailers by giving them free teething biscuits. Which are like biscotti for babies.
Or dessert croutons...
America, ya gotta love it.

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