Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2040 Hot Flash

I'm sort of tuned in to advertisements. When you're a child of modern times, it's hard not to be. Who am I kidding "modern"? Ads have been around since the first time a hawker hawked the "Muffin man down on dreary lane." And been encouraging folks to scratch their heads too.
Like this ad I heard recently. It was from a medical care facility. They were telling how they specialize in women's care. And part of their specializing was a "personal, caring" approach. Because they knew that you, as a woman, appreciated a personal caring approach.
So they could better treat you for women's issues like hot flashes and bladder control and offer: "Minimally invasive robotically assisted hysterectomies."
Because, you know, there's nothing more personal than a robot.
I don't how many times I've been on a date and thought, "Boy, I'd really be able to be more personal and caring and intimate with this lovely woman if only I'd brought along a robot."
Another ad I saw had this slogan. "July is Customer Appreciation Month." Isn't that nice. Does that mean the other eleven months of the year they don't appreciate us? That August through June they're just enduring our occasional visits to their store? That if only they had their druthers, they'd ruther not have anything to do with us?
Like Mothers Day and Valentines Day, Customer Appreciation Day seems like one of those things where if you have to remind someone to love someone else it's not really worth it.
I much prefer the obviousness of another sign I saw: "Inventory Reduction Sale." Well certainly. When you stop to think about, in retail, isn't every sale you make an inventory reduction sale?
I'd figure that could be understood even by a robot.  
America, ya gotta love it.

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