Tuesday, July 02, 2013

2020 Vision

     I had an insight the other day. And it was about my outsight. Perhaps the biggest reason I've avoided the whole smartypants phone thing is because the writing on them is too small.
     Yesterday someone held up her little phone to show me an image of what she was posting on her Facebook. "Notice the caption," she said. I not only couldn't read the caption she was pointing out, I couldn't see the caption.
     So like the audio frequencies young people can hear that adults can't, there are video frequencies I can't appreciate in their world of Twitter, Facebook and just writing on tiny phones generally.
     My optometrist is not comforting about the whole issue. He tells me my lenses are getting less flexible, so can't adjust as readily to long versus short vision. "Your lenses are getting hard," he says.
     "About the only parts on my old body that are," I mutter.
     Interestingly, my vision prescription recently improved a tad. "That's typical," my optometrist said. "People who originally are nearsighted usually go through a slight improvement at your age."
     A phrase I've learned to detest by the way. Two of them actually. "At your age" and "Considering your age."
     In any event, my eye guy explained that it was a double-edged sword. My vision would improve for a while, but the plain fact was it was an artifact of the beginnings of cataracts.
     The initial stages of cataract formation change the refraction of your eye lenses in such a way that your vision gets better. Right before it gets cloudier than the froth from a waterfall.
     I guess I could get one of those phones that talks texts to me. But the reception is so poor in my area it's already like having cataracts in my ears.
     America, ya gotta love it.

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