Friday, July 05, 2013

2022 BOGO

     If you ask me the biggest cause of obesity in America is BOGO. No, not Bobo, as in the clown. Or Bonobo as in cousin of the chimpanzee. BOGO. An acronym that means Buy One Get One Free. I know, I know, that's spelled BOGOF, but that's not how they bandy it about in the advertising industry.
     Buy One Get One free appeals to a couple of venial sins. First, the sin of gluttony; who doesn't want to eat two of something when one will do? And two, the sin of parsimony. Skinflintism. Cheapskateism. Penny-pinching, value grabbing, coupon waving, moneysaving, tightwadding, scrimping skimping frugaling penurious butt-squeaking stinginess.
     We like a deal.
     So if we can both overfill and underpay who can resist?
     Both Madison avenue and the fast food business know this. That's why they inundate us with pleas to buy something new by tempting us with Buy One Get One free.
     All well and good if you have someone to take along to eat the free one. Someone equally adventurous. Or possibly someone who doesn't look down her nose at the prospect of being a calorie reducing cheap date. What a drag...he's using me to get his new burger and save his calories at the same time. A cheap date with a cheapskate.
     But what other choice does a slimness aspiring super saving single person have? You want to take advantage of the deal. But without help you're forced to acquire a second Big Stack burger, Chipotle Chicken, Doritos Locos taco, or Habenero Ranch Bacon topped Quarter Pounder.
     It's just another example of how singles are discriminated against in our society. Couples can share the calories. Singles have to take advantage of specials and BOGO alone.
     BOGO. Buy Offer Get Obese.
     America, ya gotta love it.

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