Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2035 FOMO

I learned a new acronym yesterday. FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. It's an identification of the same condition I've been doing commentaries about lately. The obsession with one's smartphones in the pursuit of being constantly in touch.
And the fear of not being in touch. AKA the "Don't love the one you're with" syndrome. Friends at concerts holding phones out to record, young people on dates texting to others, couples sitting at restaurants, each staring raptly into their own phones. Ignoring each other so they can stay in touch with distant friends. Sometimes very distant, almost anonymous, as people post or pinterest to the virtual strangers on their likes list.
FOMO is a real thing for social media users. A new survey revealed 56% of social media users are afraid of missing out on events, news, and important status updates if they are away from social networks. 72% said they are within 5 feet of their phones at all times.
How far will folks take their obsessive/compulsive addictive object of affection? 35% to a movie theater. 33% during a dinner date. At a child's or school function, 32%. In church or a place of worship, 19%. And in the shower, yes, I said in the shower, an amazing 12%.
What about…you know? You wonder. That's okay, you can come out and say it. Or just text me if you feel more comfortable. Okay. What about sex?
The survey asked that too. The answer is, nearly 10% of people leave their phones on and close by during the "private" act.
That led me to come up with not just a new acronym but a new word. For people who suffer FOMO so much they leave their phones on during sex.
You guessed it, they're Fomosexuals.
America, ya gotta love it.

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