Friday, July 05, 2013

2023 Word Filet

     It's the interplay of words and ideas that I find continually fascinating. Of course, that's the foundation upon which comedy is built. Mash two disparate ideas together surprisingly and suddenly and the "aha" moment becomes the "haha" moment.
     That happened recently when a guy came up to me and asked me if I knew how to make a hormone. Sure, I said, and proceeded to tell him that first you needed a well-equipped lab. Then you should get some fairly specific organic chemicals, and then... and then he walked off muttering.
     Not sure why he asked me if he didn't want to know the answer.
     I was talking to another guy and he was going on and on quite boringly about the drawbacks of cannibalism. Like you can get the human version of mad cow disease and other sicknesses because body biomes are so similar. "Not to mention the whole dilemma of wine pairing," I interjected.
     He went off muttering too.
     Speaking of which, some other fellow was touting his new mushroom wine. "A very earthy palate," he intoned...
     "With top notes of animal feces," I chimed in. His acid stare had a bit of a tannic quality.
     I'm not the only one who takes concepts in weird directions. I was on the Jack in the Box website recently researching their new Big Stack burger special. They said it had "2 beef patties, topped with American cheese, onion rings, and pickle filets."
     Pickle filets. What a fresh, new, hoity-toity Madison Avenue appellation to redefine an old, well-pickled concept.
     Ah yes, the pickle filet. The tenderest part of a pickle.
     I think it comes from the pickle loin.
     Do you know how to make a pickle filet? First make sure "A" has a very small stomach...
     America, ya gotta love it.

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