Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2025 Spy vs Spy

            Sometimes I get the idea people don't think the whole thing through. Like me. I have always been suspicious of Facebook's data spying so I've never joined. It was creepy how they kept changing their privacy policies and exposing personal information. Imagine my surprise when I heard about their recent breach, which exposed 6 million people's private information.
Not long afterwards they sent notices telling folks they were compromised. Except some of those who got notified were like me, they'd never been on Facebook. But Facebook had their info. How? They got it from folks who had joined Facebook and opened up their address books to Facebook's data plundering.
Like someone was talking to a friend in a locker room shower and decided to take a look around while he was there.
The bad thing is, I thought the whole privacy thing through and I still got exposed. No one expects to have to wear a swimsuit in the shower.
The other item I heard about had to do with NSA whistleblower and/or traitorous spy Edward Snowden. He found himself in a Catch 22. On the one hand he was chastised by the NSA for spying and ratting on their spying. Takes one to know one I guess.
On the other hand, it was ironic. He proclaimed he was adamantly opposed to the government using its broad powers to monitor citizens. When he was in China hiding, he said: "I don't want to live in a society that does these sorts of things."
Dude. You're in China! When was the last time the NSA shot a dissident they spied on and sold his organs on the black market?
Think it through. Wouldn't it be better to make those statements from Sweden?
Or post it on your Facebook...
America, ya gotta love it.

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