Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2026 Data Pickup

            I saw an interesting new thing in a commercial. It was the Verizon Jet Pack. The commercial started with a pleasant looking young lady apparently having problems connecting her laptop to WiFi at an outdoor cafe. She acted out a few frustrating attempts and then a waitress dropped off a napkin with a note that said, "Need WiFi?"
Suddenly her computer picked up a signal that said, "maroon sweater." She looked around, saw a nice-looking nerdy maroon-sweatered guy and he gave her the thumbs up. Seconds later she had a high speed internet connection.
Seconds after that the guy sits down at her table and they smile at each other. It's love at first megabyte in the internet age.
A lovely modern fable. Fortunately the guy wasn't some creepy ex-NSA employee looking to plunder her unsecured identify info. Or plant a Trojan in her vulnerable hard drive.
The voiceover went on to say you can get a Verizon Jet Pack free. You can use it as a hotspot just about anywhere and connect up to ten devices to their 4G network.
Which is all well and good if you have friends or quick pick-ups you can trust. But not so good if one of your connectees decides to download bootleg feature length HD movies while you're chatting her up.
Because the jetpack might be free. But it's only WiFi to the hotspot. The hotspot connects to the 4G network. And your 4G data plan. Which I'm guessing is no longer unlimited.
The equivalent, in the old days, of letting a stranger make a long distance call... to Hong Kong. Nice, to be sure, but maybe you should get farther in that storybook first date first.
At least till you see how she uses her first data.
America, ya gotta love it.

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