Thursday, August 01, 2013

2041 Calorie Equation

An interesting study came out recently that helps determine the why of why we are growing into such an obese nation. And the answer may surprise you when all the information adds up.
There's been controversy for some time about whether the low-fat high sugar to replace the taste of fat diet has worked out. Since we're eating less fat and we're more obese than ever it looks like it's not the fat at all. Or at least not that much. It's the sugar used to replace its flavor.
In other words, it's not the donut, it's the frosting. A good example is fruit flavored low-fat yogurt. It has 6.16 teaspoons of sugar in it. Nearly six and a half teaspoons. In an 8 ounce container. And it's still not filling.
But that's not the only reason. They did a study about whether posting nutritional information at McDonalds helped people make better food choices. The answer? No.
For a couple of reasons. First off, I'm guessing that decision was made five miles down the road. Hardly anyone I know goes to McDonalds expecting healthy food choices. They go because they're craving a Quarter-Pounder-with-Cheese and a Cherry Pie.
And the "and" is important here. Because when the survey subjects were actually interacted with, and told they should eat no more than 2400 calories a day or 800 calories a meal they seemed to understand. They would see and order a 550-calorie burger. And then, thinking they were doing well, they'd order fries and a soft drink. Now their meal was over 1100 calories. All adding up to the big surprise at the bottom of the value meal. Obesity.
Conclusion. It isn't fat and it isn't sugar that's killing Americans.
It's math.
America, ya gotta love it.

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