Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2039 Horrid Scope

Like most people, I like having something to believe in. But of all the religious options, one I'm not entirely comfortable with is astrology. The notion that the position of the stars and planets somehow affects your fate here on Earth seems a little farfetched.
Like fetched far from the furthest star.
Because when you think about it, as most religions actually encourage you not to do, the constellations that astrology depend on to impart your traits are actually just groups of stars that appear to be associated by our point of view, and really have no relation to each other at all, other than in a connect-the-dots etch-a-sketchy sort of way.
The stars that make up most constellations are very far from each other, sometimes millions of light years or more, and not just sideways but into the depths of space. Which means some of the stars that are apparently aligned are so far and so old they may already be dead, and we're just seeing their light as it finally arrives from its long journey to us.
Let's hope one of the Gemini stars doesn't blink out.
If I needed any further proof, a quick look at birthdays recently would confirm it. Not long ago, July 12th, it was the birthday of Richard Simmons. Easy-going, frenetic, sweating to the oldies Richard. That same birthday, July 12th, is also the traditional historical birthday of Julius Caesar. World Conqueror, Emperor, that sort of thing.
Except that Richard promotes health through exercise and Julius indirectly promotes health through the salad people eat in his name, not a lot of astrological similarities.
Still not convinced? John Tesh was born on July 9th.
So was Courtney Love. There's a couple of stars that don't align.
Me. I'm a Virgo. So I'm skeptical of all that astrology stuff.
America, ya gotta love it.

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