Friday, May 23, 2014

2233 Mom Dot Com

I was listening to a commercial on the radio the other day. It was around Mothers Day so as you might expect it was about flowers. Flowers are the go-to gift for poor old moms.

That old chestnut was confirmed for me soon. Because not long after I heard the commercial I was standing outside Albertson's helping out with a food drive and in the three hours I was there every third person emerged from the supermarket with a prefab bouquet balanced on top of their groceries. 

This was the Friday evening before Mothers Day so I hope they had a place to keep them fresh. "Here Mom, I cared enough to remember at the last second to add a bouquet for you to my regular shopping on Friday so it's just a little wilted. You taught me to be thrifty and save gas so time to pay the piper. Luv ya."

Anyhow, insight on human sentiment aside, the commercial I was talking about provided a glance at the changes in commerce. "For Mothers Day," the commercial said, "just go to 1-800 Flowers dot com." 

That's odd, I thought, why not just call 1-800-Flowers? Because no one calls anymore, of course. But how resourceful of the company. They were obviously first out there with the 1-800 free long distance technology, dibbing the 1-800-Flowers name. Now they're just reworking that with 1-800-Flowers dot com. Changing with the times and simply tacking the new technology on their name.

I'm looking forward to further changes in their company name as new technologies continue to emerge. Just go to 1-800-Flowers dot com text 1234. Or 1-800-Flowers dot com text 1234 hashtag 1-800-Flowers dot com. 

Funny. I bet what Mom really wants most is a phone call... 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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