Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2226 RAM

Some Randomly Accessed Memories today. Was driving by a construction site after hours and saw a porta-potty near the road. It had a big padlock on it. Isn't it sad we live in a society where we have to lock the porta-potties? We are an odd species.

And creatures of habit. Saw a guy driving down the road vaping. He obviously had one of those longer e-cigarette contraptions that look like a trimmed down kazoo. He was exhaling vapor as I watched. But funny thing, I also noticed he had his window cracked. Like folks do when they're smoking real cigarettes. Since e-cig vapor is essentially odor-free why was he cracking his window? Is he just a creature of habit? Or is the defogger in his car broken? 

As time goes on, we see what's known as the progression of the euphemism. Words meant to soften other slurs themselves get co-opted and become slurs. Gimp becomes cripple becomes disabled becomes differently-abled. That's language. I saw a newscaster struggling with the term "mobile home" the other day. He obviously didn't want to say trailer park. And wasn't sure if he could say mobile home park. "Foundation-free home facility" perhaps?

Recently my Comcast-connected internet speed has sucked. And it's been pretty great up to now. It was just all of a sudden too. So I rebooted my router and pinged my modem and updated Adobe for the jillionth time, but no help. Then for some reason I got a call from Comcast offering me an upgrade for more money. Hmm. Sounds like a secret plot to me. 

Finally, I heard this guy randomly chanting weird syllables in a angry voice. Anh, enh, inh, ohnh, unh. Anh, enh, inh, ohnh, unh. "What's you're problem," I asked.

"Irritable vowel syndrome," he replied. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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