Friday, May 02, 2014

2218 Wash Out

I like reading about new technology. Although I wonder sometimes. Necessity is the mother of invention they say. But laziness is it's evil stepmother.

Take the new machine with smartphone app that purports to help you wash your socks. A British startup company named Berg just released something called Cloudwash, an Internet-connected washing machine.

Get it, Cloud-wash. As in, you're connected to the cloud to wash your undies. "Cloud" being that ethereal name techies gave to a bunch of boring looking servers at a remote location.

Berg's device supposedly has simple interfaces to give users one-touch access to frequently used wash cycles. You know, like those complex designations "cold," "warm," and "hot." 

The machine also syncs with your smartphone so you can start a load remotely and get notification when the cycle is finished. It's last labor saving innovation? You can purchase soap and other supplies directly from Amazon with the push of a button.

First, I can do that from Amazon anyhow with a push of a button. And as for the rest, think about it. If I've gone to all the trouble of loading up my machine with dirty clothes and adding soap, why don't I just start the dang thing at that point? Why wait till I'm at the office and call it up on my smartphone to start it? And as for it telling me when my cycle is done, who cares if I'm not there to do anything about it?

Dude, give me a machine that takes out the clothes and puts them in the dryer, then takes them out of the dryer and folds them. That's the real work of laundry. Not turning the machine on from across the city.

I'm afraid this washer invention is a load of...(beep) 

America, ya gotta love it.

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