Monday, May 05, 2014

2219 Wastes of Time

I find myself more and more concerned about the time I have left on this earth. Perhaps it's a function of my age. I always envisioned I'd reach a point of quiet sage-like wisdom. Instead I seem to be embracing cranky curmudgeonhood.

So when I hear about things going in the toilet climate-wise, I just don't feel like wasting time trying to change people's points of view. Human beings are too selfish and lazy to put themselves out to make a little carbon sacrifice. So what the hell, I'm not going to live long enough to feel the worst of climate change's effects. Let folks stew in their own hot climate juices.

Then there's the videos we can all watch littering the web. It's cool we can access so many of the old classics on YouTube. And so many of the new viral videos. But I find myself constantly looking at the time-elapse band at the bottom of the video player. And debating how much more of the limited time I have left in this world I want to waste on that particular video.  

Time moves more quickly when you age, whether you're having fun or not. And wasting time makes it go even quicker.

Lastly, I wonder about some of the new products meant to mitigate the negative effects of old age. Depends and walkers are fine and all, as are varicose vein limiting support socks and hemorrhoid ointment, but what about those mechanical sleeping masks.? Do they really work?

The masks purport to treat apnea, open up your airways, and help you sleep better. And help your spouse sleep better because you snore less. Do you really? Or does the mask just muffle the sound?

Cranky curmudgeons hate wasting money even more than they hate wasting time.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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