Thursday, May 01, 2014

2217 Cheese Wiener

Cheese has been in the news recently. I know, when isn't it a good story about cheese? Cheese aficionados are beginning to rival wine enthusiasts in the world of foodies and epicureans. (No word what malady an epicure corrected. I’m guessing something classier that whatever disease prompted a pedicure.)

The first story was about a simple recall. Turns out Oscar Mayer, purveyor or fine franks and wieners, had to take back about 96,000 pounds of them. They were contaminated with a foreign substance. Cheese.

Apparently they were made properly, this was the Oscar Mayer cheese wiener, but they weren't labeled properly. The package said they were the wieners without cheese, or more specifically, the regular wiener.

Actually, to be even more exact, since this is contaminated wieners we're talking about here, the USDA said: "Packages labeled as Kraft's Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners may instead contain Oscar Mayer Classic Cheese Dogs."   

Excuse me. When did Oscar Mayer's wieners become "classic." The full label designations, by the way, are "Classic Wieners made with turkey and chicken, pork added" and "Classic Cheese Dogs made with turkey and chicken, pork added, and pasteurized cheese product." 

Funny, I don't remember my "classic" wiener of the fifties ever being made with "turkey and chicken." No matter, the real issue is milk is a known allergen and it needs to be on the label, so the dogs are being called home. 

I would prefer unlabeled milk, however, to this second cheesy story. Seems workers at a Russian cheese factory posed naked for a social media photo---taking a joint bath in a vat of raw milk. 

Kind of puts our cheese wieners in perspective. Eewww. Whoever heard of a naked cheesebath selfie?

One bite of this cheese will have you Russian to the bathroom...

America, ya gotta love it. 

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