Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2230 OC-ADS

I have a friend who pointed out I pay a lot of attention to commercials. Perhaps too much. I'm sure he's right. It may be part of a larger set of attributes I have. Like constantly mentally editing articles I read, instantly noticing typos, and finding incongruities in life generally.

Then again I could just be crazy. Fitting somewhere in that continuum of sanity that tends towards the abnormal. Maybe I have some sort of disorder. Or perhaps a syndrome. Maybe a syndrome on a spectrum. Part of the Obsessive Commercial Attention Disorder Syndrome Spectrum. 

But I try to fight it. Which may be why it took another friend to point out the odd commercial McDonalds ran recently. It featured a couple. The man obviously woke up the woman in the morning. He asked her how she liked her coffee. She sleepily said with an McGriddle sandwich. "What would you do without me?" He asked. 

All well and good, except for the unspoken implications to our impressionable youth. And the larger mores of our society. Because if they were in an established socially acceptable relationship, why didn't he know how she took her coffee?

If you're in a relationship, that's kind of one of the first things you pick up on. How your mate takes the most important drink of the day --- cream, sugar, half-caf, room for breakfast sandwich, you know. Learning coffee preference is right up at the top. Especially since most relationships these days begin with a non-threatening coffee date. 

So thanks, Mickey-D, for sharing the morally sketchy aftermath of what appears to be a one-night stand. And suggesting the perfect meal for it as well. 

Way to leave no commercial niche unfilled. 

I, for one, am paying attention.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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