Thursday, March 27, 2014

2192 Hair Razor

I learn a lot about our culture from watching commercials. Madison Avenue often has its fingers on the pulse of our collective arteries. In touch with our social skin as it were.

Which now appears to be going through a smooth phase.

At least if the commercial I saw recently reflects what I think. A hair-raising adventure into body baldness. Because we now have a new product for men, the Gillette Body Razor.

That's right, narcissism has led to lack of hirsute-issism. We apparently no longer like a naturally hairy male body. Which is kind of funny. Sean Connery, voted sexiest man of all time any number of times, was a hairy ball of manhood. When he took off his shirt in the first James Bond movies, women were swooning from the Caribbean to the Pole. "Doctor no," women said, "don't let me live without another look at that masculine hairy beast.”

His chest hair was a jungle of desire, reeking of testosterone and animal passion. Even the thought that he would ever take a razor to those chestral dreadlocks was a sin against nature. 

But now the reverse is true. The Gillette commercial I saw had hunky young men with six-pack abs and tatted torsos whisking away unsightly body hair with a swipe of the Body Razor. Baby-like skin is the new ideal for the manly man. 

Which is fine. Different strokes for different times. But what I didn't see were the models using their body razors to scrape anything other than their chest and tummies. Which is a problem. Because even in Sean Connery's day the body hair least liked was, um, on the back and shoulders. 

I hope the body razor comes with an extension. Cause I'm guessing most gals would like you to razor your blades. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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