Thursday, March 20, 2014

2187 Newshound

Cities and states have to be very vigilant about how the news services treat them. Because they aren't always right, or they put the wrong spin on things.

Like the story I read a while ago about The Boeing Company inventing a new super-secure "blackphone" cellphone. In reporting the story the news service called Boeing, "...a Chicago based aerospace company."

Really? Chicago based? I know they moved their corporate offices a while back to bend over another state for tax breaks, but hey; Boeing was conceived and founded here in Washington. If that's not a base I don't know what is.

The press has always been a little shaky when it comes to Washington. The big Nisqually earthquake in 2001 was always referred to as “the Seattle quake” or "near Seattle." For some reason being the state capital didn't get Olympia on the news radar earthquake-nearness wise. 

Then there's Arizona. A lot of bad news for them recently. Of course they're used to it. Always going their own way. The only state in the continental US not to go on Daylight Saving Time. Seceding from the union of time. Hope they enjoy manually reprogramming the automatic setting on their computers. Maybe Windows makes a special version for Arizona. No rainbows in its Paint color palate either.

The latest bad news is extremely terrifying. Authorities in Phoenix have received more than 6000 calls from people who've been harassed by packs of feral Chihuahuas. Yapping mercilessly and biting at their ankles. 

Oh the humanity! Or is that inanity? Feral Chihuahuas? Look out for the ratdogs! There must be a reality show in all this. Yipping stewing dogs nipping neighbors. Beware the chilling pack of chittering Chihuahuas. Scarier than zombies driving and texting.

I can see the news headline now: Chihuahuapocalypse! 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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