Monday, March 10, 2014

2179 Waffle Mess

You'll be happy to know that Taco Bell is taking on the breakfast side of the menu. That's right, Taco Bell, pioneer of the fourth meal, venturer into that late late night territory of merry youngsters with the munchies, has now decided to claim a stake in the eggs and bacon biz.

They expect to make millions of dollars nationwide. Their signature new dish is the Waffle Taco. It's described as a "warm waffle wrapped around a hearty sausage patty or flavorful bacon, with fluffy scrambled eggs and cheese, served with a side of sweet syrup."


Yum is correct, since Taco Bell is owned by Kentucky-based Yum Foods, who also owns Pizza Hut. I want a waffle pizza. 

The syrup on the side thing is a good idea, as the pictures I've seen of the Waffle Taco look a little drippy and gooey. Think hands glistening with stickitude like a two-year-old with his first Eggo.

A waffle mess.

Eggo is what the whole thing reminds me of. For the Waffle Taco is no feat of fantastic fast food engineering. They simply put a sausage patty and a mess of scrambled eggs on top of an Eggo and... wait for it... folded it. 

Wow.... Dude.... 

Looks like Taco Bell's culinary department hired the Jack-in-the-Box midnight munchies meals consultant. Straight from the land of cannabis-induced epiphanies. 

And let's take a waffle, man... and fold it...

Nice to know that hungry stoners are getting rolling and waking up early enough for breakfast, so they can get on with the business of building American commerce. Then again, Taco Bell could just be going for those folks who managed to stay up around the clock. Not First Meal but Fifth Meal.

I'm guessing they'll make a fortune on coffee too.  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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