Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2186 Thought Please

Random thoughts occur to me. Sometimes stimulated by external events. Sometimes bubbling up from within. Sometimes they're actually humorous. Mental illness can be fun.

Like the thing I saw recently. It was a pickup truck. In the back was a childseat bungeed to the pickup bed. And I thought, Man, I don't think this guy gets the point.

At least it was under a cargo net.

When I was three, I was all the rage at my local church. They celebrated me for a misunderstanding. We were poor so I was hungry pretty often and I prayed to the lord to give us some food. My babysitter saw me and told the church. They didn't realize I was only asking the almighty for lentils and enlarged corn kernels. Maybe my three-year-old voice made it sound like something else. 

"Dear Lord, could you please give us peas and hominy?"

Later in life, I thought I had a chance of being a championship oboe player. But life brings changes. Unfortunately, I was never able to achieve my formerly perfect tone after they removed my orthodontic headgear.

There's a theory out there that no one has ever actually tasted a Hot Pockets. That's why the maker designed them to come volcanically hot out of the microwave. The thought is you sear your tastebuds before ever finding out how hideous they are.

Living in the flood prone saturated Northwest I wonder why we have firemen for fires but no watermen for flood damage. If my roof was on fire they'd send a truck right away. Why not if it's caving in with leaks?

Lastly, I love science and cosmological physics, but to me the most frightening thing about the concept of parallel universes is the thought of the parking.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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