Monday, March 03, 2014

2174 Bag End

Recently local governing bodies voted to ban plastic bags. Not all plastic bags, just the lightweight ones with handles you get at the grocery stores.

That means you can still use the thin filmy bags you get in the produce department. The ones that feel like snot when they're wet. And you can still use the doggy doodoo bags you get in dispensers to dispense of your doo. But you won't have the cheap grocery bags to reuse and redo for your doo.

You'll also be able to receive the bags the local paper uses to wrap the weekly advertising doodoo they deposit in your driveway.  

The reasoning behind the ban is that most grocery stores use way too many of them to bag groceries. As a result, when folks throw them away, they escape the landfill and blow all around and end up being ingested by and killing various forms of wildlife. 

The answer is to use reusable cloth bags. Which you can usually find pretty easily if you go to a business trade show. They're offered for free by a lot of banks and chiropractors. 

You want to get a lot of them since the big problem associated with reusable cloth bags is sickness-inducing cross-contamination. Meat juices dripping onto and mixing with raw vegetables and such. 

I know a person who deals with that by having separate bags for separate items. Having a veggie bag and a dry goods bag and a meat bag. He admonished me to never ever put foreign items in my meat bag. Words to live by.

In the end, it all means I'll have to get my car washed more often. No more leaving tiny bits of rotten food in grocery bags and leaving them out for doodoo-dive bombing seagulls. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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