Thursday, March 06, 2014

2177 Wrap Sheet

I get fascinated by commercials sometimes and sometimes alarmed. You've probably seen a bajillion commercials in your lifetime and know they employ various techniques to draw you in and persuade you.

One of the techniques is to be a little bit inspirational and challenging at the same time. Show pictures of people doing positive things and enlist your feelings of support or desire to do the same thing. Get you on the same side of the table. Once they do, you naturally want to enjoy the same products or services as them.


So when I saw this commercial for Hormel Rev Wraps recently I saw that's what they were doing. They started off showing a younger person. We all like to think we're young. And then showed that person with a look of determination on her face. We can identify with that too.

Then they talked about how when you're doing great things you naturally get hungry. At which time I felt a little hungry. Then they showed the positive, determined, and easy to identify with person unwrapping the wrapping on a Hormel Rev Wrap and eating it.

I wished I had one too. 

But here's the thing, they didn't spend a lot of time on the wrap itself. Which it turns out, is just a tortilla with meat and cheese and no lettuce, vegetables, or sauce. What they spent time on was the feelings behind the person consuming the wrap. 

Then, alarmingly, then showed her diving into a cold lake and swimming off into the distance. 

They totally blew it with former lifeguard me at that point. Because they didn't show her waiting a half hour before she went swimming. Let's hope no one identifies too exactly with the commercial.

Hormel will be taking the rap in a lawsuit. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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