Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2191 GP Ass

I'm a little worried about how our society is going. Technological advances seem to be taking us down the road to dependency. Lack of acceptance of our true selves and the desire to improve.

Take GPS. I recently talked to a guy who wanted to visit my office. I started to describe how to get there and he interrupted me and said, "Just give me the street address, I have GPS."

It worried me. Wayfinding is, or should be, a basic biological trait. Geese, whales and butterflies find their way on amazingly long migrations. Dogs align themselves to the earth's magnetic field to orient their pooping. Humans should retain the basic skills to get around. 

The ability to give, receive and follow directions keeps us off that road to technological dependency. Worse, with your head down following your smartphone or dashboard display you drive badly, swerve, and cut off people in traffic. Turn into what I call a GP-Ass. 

Plus, you don't see the beauty of the world around you. You don't even really know where you live. Many's the time I've accidentally taken the scenic route and learned more about my community. 

The other techno-advance I read about recently has me even more concerned. Beard transplants. That's right, one of the biggest trends in modern cosmetic surgery is filling in the patchiness on some guy's beards. Some paying up to $7000 for a full reconstruction.

Is this the end of our civilization? People with too much time and even more vanity laying down good money to plug hair in their bald faces? 

Sounds to me like they're dumb. So dumb they need GPS to find their rear end. They won't lose their head though. It'll be lodged inside.

You have arrived at your destination. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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