Friday, March 14, 2014

2183 STEMporary

Recently I helped promote a STEM fair. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It's an attempt by the schools to encourage young people to get into the sciences. Have students dream about inventing the next cellphone, or a cure for the common cold, or other laudable goals.

Maybe even invent an indestructible pizza.

Yep. It's a recent miracle of science developed by a U.S. military lab. They've developed a pizza for soldiers that can stay on the shelf for up to three years and still be safe to eat. Not the frozen or chilled or hermetically-sealed shelves either. Just ordinary throw it in the shed shelves. 

One of the food scientists said, "It pretty much tastes like typical pan pizza." Hooray for science. We all know even ordinary pizza can sit around on the coffee table after the game for hours and still be munchable. Each pizza in various stages of decay develops its own unique piquancy. Like a fine wine or an aged cheese. And pizza being the preferred food for high-schoolers everywhere, how inspiring for our youth. I can hear the STEM students signing up now. 

Another advance that could be of interest is the encrypted blackphones like those Boeing has come out with that I mentioned in a recent essay. Who better to invent a privacy phone than the generation after the one that created the anti-privacy social media movement? My friend Rick pointed out that the aerospace giant may not be the best company for this however. Unless the young folks work out the Boeing battery curse.

Depending on where you carry your phone, you could have the front of your pants catching on fire like the cockpit of a 787.  

Speaking of which, someone should invent an indestructible Hot Pocket.   

America, ya gotta love it. 

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