Wednesday, March 05, 2014

2176 Brain Baggage

I have fun gleaning little factoids from the news. I'm not sure sometimes whether I'm improving myself, or just cramming more nonsense in my noggin that will hasten the onset of Alzheimer's.

Which is one of the factoids that I gleaned. Recent research indicates that age-related dementia may not be entirely the result of tissue breakdown. It may also be because one's brain is full. Older people take longer to answer questions and retrieve memories because their brains are crammed full of data like an old computer. 

I think mine runs on Windows ME. 

We just run out of hard drive. Hmm. Maybe a little electroshock therapy could do some data wiping for us. A good brain drain. Or, if other theories are correct, and dreaming helps reorganize our brains, maybe that's why old folks are always napping. 
"Dad, you're nodding off."

"Sorry son, just need to defrag..."

Another factoid. The divorce rate among women plunged during the recession from 2.09% to 1.95%. Now that the economy appears to be improving, it's inched back up to 1.98%. So how cool is that financial analysts? Now, in addition to commodities and inventory orders, we have divorce as a leading economic indicator. 

I love romance.

Lastly. Worried about the struggling airline industry's legacy of bad funding decisions? Worry no more, because they aren't carrying around that baggage anymore. At least for free. They used fuel prices to really gouge us. Recent research showed that the typical bag causes carriers to expend about $2 worth of jet fuel. They charge $25 to check it. And made an additional $18 billion on baggage alone since 2008. 

Another fun factoid to cram into the overfilled baggage of my brain. I think I need some sleep. 

Brain crammed too full? There's a nap for that. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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