Thursday, April 30, 2015

2456 Pre-Disconnect

I worry that our society is suffering from a vast case of disconnectosis. That's when you use words that are disconnected from common sense.

Like in one of those emails I got from a car dealer the other day.  Periodically they send out reminders that it's time to come in and buy a car.  I'm okay with that, they don't overload my email inbox with constant suggestions for buying stuff I just bought because their algorithm told them too.  But the offer they offered me was a little odd.  The subject line said, "Top Pre-Owned Deals of the Month." 

Naturally I wondered.  How does one pre-own a deal? 

It was classic example of a word having an original meaning and being modified.  A car being a pre-owned vehicle, using pre-owned as an adjective, and now it's called a "pre-owned" as a noun.  When they use that modification in a different context it makes it sound like a nonsensical adjective.  A pre-owned deal.

Likewise the new term I heard, "teaser-trailer."  The studios and media are calling them that now.  Which is okay in one sense, I've complained for years that calling a film preview a "trailer" made no sense.  It really is a teaser. 

But calling it a teaser-trailer now seems repetitive.  Unless it's a subset of the whole film genre.  You have your film, and you have your trailer (which is actually a preview), and you have your teaser-trailer, which is actually a teaser of the real trailer they'll put out before they put out the actual film. 

I think I'll just wait for the DVD. 

Hey.  Maybe I can connect up to a deal on a pre-owned DVD.  One with all those special features, like the formerly distributed teaser-trailers. 

Formerly distributed teaser-trailers.  Are they called pre-runs? 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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