Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2450 Grass Trimmer

Sometimes things just sound funny.  On the face of it there's a level of normalcy, but because of the inherent concepts behind the words you just get a little hiccup in your brain waves.

Like the job I heard about the other day.  Bud Trimmer.  If you've known a lot of people in your life nicknamed Bud, you know what I mean.  It's like a very, very specific barber.  Talk about niche employment.

"Yeah, we got your Bud trimmer here, and your Buster trimmer in the second chair.  The third chair is the guy that does Hey You.  He's for walk-ins."

The bud trimmer job is actually for marijuana groomers.  It's their task to trim the tiny lower-in-THC leaves away from the premium bud. 

Must be fun sorting the work in the morning.  "Hey Smitty, I got mine picked out already, so this bud's for you."

Bud trimmers can start out at $15 an hour and have the opportunity of working up to higher paid jobs in the industry such as gardeners or concentrate makers.  The job itself is low stress and amounts to wielding a small pair of scissors and meticulously trimming away tiny things that stick out.  So if you're a poodle groomer, or OCD and always using cuticle shears to trim away dangling threads, mustache hairs, or hangnails, this is the job for you. 

There must be a shortage, because various marijuana processing employers are advertising to fill the positions.  I don't know about you but I'm thinking those bonsai tree people would be a great labor pool.  Just to fill the enormous amount of time between tiny tree trimming.

Apply today.  This is a very crucial part of the process for providing excellent quality.  Otherwise the product will go to pot.    

America, ya gotta love it. 

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