Monday, April 20, 2015

2448 Whisker Pickin's

I went to a local supermarket recently and was struck by a number of things I found odd.

One thing was a little hanger hanging from one of those aisle hooks they have in supermarkets.  You know the ones, you'll be going down the nut and cracker aisle and there'll be a little hook on one side holding out a quantity of scouring pads, or mini-egg whiskers, or something totally unrelated to the merchandise close by.

This thing was called a "Nana Hanger."  Wow, I thought, poor grandma.  Or perhaps poor babysitter, because I couldn't for the life of me figure out what else something called a "Nana" hanger would do, except perhaps lynch a pesky mother-in-law.  Turns out it was for hanging ba-nanas.  To keep them up and away from other ethylene-producing fruit so they don't ripen so quickly.  And go black in a nanosecond.

Later I found myself accidentally wandering down the petfood aisle because I was looking for a can of tuna and was drawn in by the shapes of the containers. 

There I saw an odd catfood product.  It was called "Whisker Lickin's."  Ewww.  I can't imagine that sounds appetizing to any animal, much less a picky eating pussy cat.  Whisker lickin's.  Like slurping off the dried crustules on my mustache from that last fancy cupcake I ate with the frosting piled so high.  Or the giant muffin I ate from Costco.

Final odd thing was the peanut butter making machine they had, where you could grind your own nuts to extrude peanut butter.  Good, except the last person that ground and extruded his left a big peanut butter goober hanging out of the spigot of the machine. 

Looked like a larger version of my whisker lickin's from a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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