Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2445 Quick Confusions

Words can be challenging sometimes.  And deceptive.  And confusing.  I'm glad I'm not an immigrant trying to learn the language.

Take that guy Don Quixote.  The fictional figure, not the immigrant.  The one that was also known as the Man of La Mancha.  He was the classic model for the sort of person who tilts at windmills and slays imaginary dragons.  The knight errant who errors in his judgment of things that are attainable.  Who fights the unbeatable foe, and goes where others dare not go, and dreams the impossible dream. 

You know, Quixotic.

Why do we pronounce his name Quixote with the "kee" and the "oh" sound, but pronounce his actions with the "quicks" sound, as if they're a bowl of Trix?  Kee-oh-tic is certainly sayable.  Or even Don Quicks-oh-tee.

But no.  We have to go confuse people to the quick for no reason whatsoever.  

Another confusion.  I wondered why they keep calling the wife of Prince William Kate Middleton.  Isn't she Princess Kate now?  Or at least Mrs. Tudor or whatever the royals' last name is?

I looked it up.  Her last name would be Mountbatten-Windsor, so I guess I understand the press's reluctance to use it.  Hyphens are in short supply and Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor gets a lot of ink. 

Another confusion.  Because by "ink" I mean printing in the newspapers, not princess tattoos.  

The world moves on the meanings of words sometimes and shifts them underfoot so we slip on them. Like I was driving by one of those E-cig Vape places the other day and their sign said, "We have the latest Vaporizers available at the best prices!"

I wonder how many grannies are going in looking for a deal on an inexpensive machine to steam up their Vicks Vapo-rub. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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