Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2449 Namey Stuff

Names, names, names.  They mean so much, and help lead us in some many unexpected directions.

Like the other day.  My friend Ron and I were talking about his inability to find .22 caliber bullets.  "Too bad you can't get those online," I said.

"Not possible," he replied.

"What?"  I said.  "There's no such thing as Ammo-zon dot com?"

He laughed. "That would be great.  They could even deliver it using drones."

We thought we had the next big thing idea there for a bit, but like most good ideas, a search of the interweb showed someone else had already thought of it.  Oh well.

Another name someone else had already thought of was on this sign I saw.  It kind of reflects our changing ideas about things.  It was a sign over a wrecking yard.  You know the places, also called pick-a-parts and pick-and-pulls and junkyards.  Loaded with derelict autos in various stages of fluid dripping cannibalization.

This place summed up the new "going green" ethos.  It's not environmental blight and rusting junk anymore.  Because the place was named Auto Recycling.  Yeah!  Eco-Excellent. 

Although auto recycling does sound a little like a reposted selfie.

Finally, I saw an advertisement for a new product from Cheerios that seems to indicate they're making another push away from being a children's cereal and into the sophisticated healthy grains adult market.

Their new product is named Cheerios Ancient Grains.  Which is good, I suppose, as it invokes a dollop of the paleo craze with a dusting of foodie respect for indigenous eats. 

But I have a little cognitive disconnect.  Which is the new name for confusion.  Because I looked at a box at the supermarket.  Does it seem right that Ancient Grains Cheerios has a freshness date?

America, ya gotta love it. 

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