Thursday, April 02, 2015

2436 Sri-righteous Flavor

Every now and then you see two things come together and it's interesting.  Like the guy I knew who was so ambidextrous he could catch and bat and throw the ball with either hand.  He told me he didn't actually think of himself as ambidextrous.  He preferred to think he was an incomplete set of Siamese twins.

Speaking of Siam, or what is now Thailand, it appears the taste sensation of their sriracha sauce is really hitting the mainstream of condiments.  At least if by mainstream you mean a flavor of ketchup. 

That's the news.  Heinz, of 57 variety fame, has added a 58th.  Heinz Ketchup with Sriracha flavoring.  It may not actually be 58th.  They may have done like Baskin and Robbins and rotated out one flavor so they could rotate in sriracha.  Maybe Heinz liver-flavored ketchup or something.

Anyhow, from a cultural and historical standpoint this is another step towards world peace.  Because ketchup, so all-American we embrace it as a vegetable in school cafeterias, actually started as a spicy sauce in a place not too distant from Thailand -- Malaysia.

They called it kay-chap there.  British folk brought it back to England and eventually the American colonies.  British ketchup was originally concocted with mushrooms rather than tomatoes.  Yum.  Pureed mushrooms on a hot dog.  Be still my beating gut.

Heinz's move follows the use of sriracha by various fast food restaurants in fun and flavorful offerings.  As it adds a spicy kick from it's base chili paste it's really a natural for tomato ketchup.  Like Siamese Salsa.  Or a chili smoothie. 

Sriracha is also called rooster sauce by the way.  So big question: Should we rise to the occasion and use Heinz Ketchup with Sriracha on chicken?  One food expert replied, "Cockadoodle do."

America, ya gotta love it. 

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