Monday, April 27, 2015

2453 Misappellation

I've written before about the tendency to jump to certain conclusions when you hear certain words.  Usually because the words themselves bring up mental associations that lead you down the bridle path.  Like that one.  When you hear it, it could mean bridle as in horses or bridal as in there's a wedding in the future.  Which metaphor works in which context?

So it was recently when I heard someone say he was going to throw something straight into the circular file.  Or perhaps he was going to arc it in.

In any event, it made me wonder, do we call it a circular file because trashcans are circular?  Or do we call it a circular file because what we normally throw directly into the trash are circulars? 

Another word that got my attention was the new flavor Starbucks is offering.  It's called Veranda.  Is it really so important to Starbucks to have Italian-sounding names that they're now naming drinks after parts of a house or yard?  Yeah, I'll have the Portico please, and I'll need room. 

Great.  Room for your room.  Can I have a Tall Lanai please; I'm expecting some basketball players later on.  Call me old-fashioned, but I guess I'm just not that up for ordering a drink that's named after a porch.

Finally, I heard that TV has a competition called the Cupcake Wars.  I'm told it's a cooking contest.  Though I suppose it could be clowns dueling it out with something other than pies. 

I'm just thinking it sounds weird.  The words cupcake and wars do not go together.  Like a soufflé skirmish.  Or a marzipan mêlée.  Too much soft for too much hard.  Like creampuff combat.  Or the Battle of Big Cotton Candy.

Best viewed while snacking on grapes of wrath.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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