Thursday, April 23, 2015

2451 Polled Apart

I like reading those polls that various organizations do. Mostly because they're little windows into our culture. Or at least the culture of folks that answer polls. Having rarely taken the time to take a poll, and even more, actively avoided those instant polls that pop up in the flashing margins of internet surfing, I'm not sure any poll I read about afterwards has any validity whatsoever to the common person.

Or disturbingly, maybe it does.

Here are some I found worthy of note.

Only 38% of Americans approve of Obama's handling of Israel and only 37% approve of Netanyahu's handing of relations with the US. Disapproval, one piece of common ground they share. I'm sure peace isn't far behind. 

Speaking of disapproval, another US poll showed that Canada is the foreign nation we like best, scoring 92% favorability. Actually when poll respondents were asked how they would grade Canada, most replied, "Eh?"

Great Britain and France were second and third with 90% and 82%. Which I suppose makes sense, Britain being our most consistent ally and France being the home of not just wine but the originator of our fries. 

North Korea scored lowest, with only 9% favorability. My first thought was, "Great, look how low they are." My second thought was, "They still polled 9%?" How can they have nearly one out of ten people like them? Is this the percentage of Americans who never ever ever read the news? Or does Dennis Rodman have that many followers still? 

This final poll may offer a clue. 49% of Americans think that standardized testing in schools has done more harm than good. 20% said it has done more good than harm. 31% aren't sure. 

Actually, it turns out 31% said, "Is this a test?"    

America, ya gotta love it. 

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