Friday, October 31, 2014

2341 Hack Force 1.0

Another security breach, this time with a major bank. Hackers hacked into thousands of accounts. According to the bank in question, they didn't get anything serious, like your password, just your name and address and stuff. They are suggesting you change your password as quickly as possible though.

Sound familiar? Sure it does. The words "data security breach" are becoming as commonplace as "Where's the beef" once was. For anyone who does online banking, it's scary. Or even online purchases through anyone. Even scarier, the data security breaches seem to be coming from Russia, this last one perhaps in retaliation for anti-Putin sanctions over the Ukraine crisis. The pain in Ukraine falls mainly in the rain -- of your secret data from the cloud. 

Certainly brings world politics home, when your Chase account gets compromised by a pudgy little wannabe Tsar, Putin on a snit.

Read about an interesting ray of hope. A security researcher uncovered hidden code in the new Facebook Messenger iPhone app that appears to allow friends to send money to one another. What was interesting hope-wise was they called this person a "security researcher." 

Because this "security researcher" uncovered hidden code. Didn't that word used to be "hacker"? He was delving into the secrets of another company's code for gosh sakes. That's hacking.

Let's hire him. Yep, it's time to recruit more American hackers. Empty out the World of Warcraft basements and get the geeks to do their patriotic duty creating God Code to foil the Russkies. Like a cyber dirty dozen in dirty cargo shorts.

Next time the FBI catches some precocious youngster hacking for fun and nuisance, offer him a bunch of money to do it for world peace. 

Or at least world peace of mind about our Amazon accounts.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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