Friday, October 03, 2014

2321 IS Will Be

It's interesting how the names of things change after repeated news cycles. It's as if a consensus amongst media folks needs to emerge according to the basic natural laws of physics. As in, things proceed to a state of lower energy. Entropy. Or just plain laziness.

Take the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. When the terrorist organization first started their head-lopping massacre across Iraq that brought them to our attention like an exceptionally bad episode in Game of Thrones, ISIL was the initial acronym to come out of the deal. 

It's still the way much of Europe refers to them. Mostly because they've called the Syrian area the Levant for centuries, whereas we western hemisphere newbees prefer Iraq and Syria.

That's what we started to call them. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Then came our acronym. ISIS. Which became problematic for a number of businesses through no fault of their own right away. Brand Suicide they call it. Remember what happened to Ayds diet candies? 

This one hit a lot of companies, because Isis is the name of the Egyptian goddess of love, marriage, and the underworld, so was nicely co-optable for marketing purposes. Funny how one goddess can be the symbol of both marriage and the underworld. Perceptive, those ancient Egyptians.

Anyhow, businesses started abandoning the name ISIS in droves. So the final name and acronym the lazy media has decided on has me worried. It's just Islamic State. And the initials IS. 

Yep, IS is going to be the way we talk about how IS is ravaging the western middle east. Isn't IS going to be fun? 

But hey. At least Clinton will be vindicated by this crisis. Bill, not Hillary.

We'll finally be able to say what IS is.

America, ya gotta love it.

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