Thursday, October 02, 2014

2320 Greased Enlightening

I love how the medical advice seesaw keeps going helter-skelter. Take their tilt-a-whirl positions on sugar and fat. They keep yanking us around.

The big deal back when cholesterol was discovered was that a low-fat diet was the only way to lose fat. So processed food providers took all the fat out of food. Then found they couldn't sell it. Because it tasted like cardboard. So naturally (or unnaturally) they added sugar to replace the flavor.

America became the carbohydrate nation. And surprisingly to science, for all the fat we didn't consume, the obese nation as well. Along came Atkins and guess what? Science now says he was more or less right. A recent study done on ordinary people who could consume unlimited calories on either a no-fat or a low-carb diet proved indisputably that you lose weight with low-carbs. 

Meat eaters rejoice! The way to lower fat is to eat more fat. 

While we're on sugar and sweeteners, by the way, it's the type of sugar you consume too. Seems high-fructose corn syrup is enough in the negative spotlight that at least one major soft drink manufacturer is proclaiming a new drink they hype with the description "made with real sugar."

Not sure about the high-fructose thing, but get this recent conclusion of science: Artificial sweeteners actually cause obesity. New research has shown that artificial sweeteners affect the gut's microbiome and put it out of whack, so somehow any sugar you do eat goes right into fat storage mode. 

Science's zipper ride has gone topsy-turvy again. Today's lesson: Don't use artificial sweeteners and don't avoid fat. Sweet. Just in time for fair season. 

Batter-fried butter stick and Krispy Kreme bacon burger, here I come.  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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