Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2338 Pet Peeves

I love pets, as long as they're mine. I dislike the pets of others.

Take the other day. A dog walker was out with his three charges on their daily delivery of pooch poo. There's a grassy area at my place of work which the poo purveyors find attractive for their depository needs. The pet walker is very conscientious and has a separate little blue bag with which to gather the fruits of each pooch’s intestinal labors. 

The other day the dogs interacted, badly, with the neighborhood cat. The cat also uses areas of our landscaping to do her business. The cat however, although she presumably has an owner, does not have an owner who is conscientious about the environmental havoc wreaked by pet poo to our environs. Nor does anyone expect him to.

Another example of cat chauvinism in our culture. Cats are allowed to roam free, digging up flowerbeds and depositing feline surprises, while poor dog owners are admonished to follow their pets around and endure the indignity of extricating their excrement. 

Then again, when was the last time I was awakened at three in the morning by the neighbor's cat barking at an imaginary gopher? I guess these things balance out. Other people's pets are annoying period. Or maybe it's just the pet's people. 

Like this example. The pet power bar. For those dog/sport people who want Rover to be just like them. Purina now has power bars for your pet. They look just like yours! So after you've taken your retriever for a run you can unwrap and chow down on similar-looking energy bars together to recharge those vital nutrients.

Fortunately, Rover, and you, will appreciate the firming effects of the fiber -- further down the road...

America, ya gotta love it. 

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