Monday, November 03, 2014

2342 Interactive Distraction

Recently I was driving behind one of those folks who was so obsessed with his phone that he couldn't look up long enough to drive. We've all seen them, and all realized it's not unlike driving behind a drunk, long before scientific research proved it.

Not long after that, I saw someone who tried to improve on that scenario by holding her phone on the top of her steering wheel while she drove. The theory being, I guess, that even though it opened her up to arrest and prosecution, it was at least safer than looking at her lap while she drove.

God forbid she should actually not use her phone at all. 

So I felt great trepidation after I read an article the other day about one of the advances in car technology that is on the horizon. Literally. As in the horizon that you look at when you're driving. 

The technological innovation numerous automakers are heading towards is something called an "augmented reality windshield." That's right, windshields aren't just for shielding you from the wind anymore. I pity the poor old car owner whose windshield merely functions to block out wind and rain, collect dead bugs, and preserve one's hairdo. 

The augmented reality windshield will have various things appear on the windshield in a sort of heads up display like highly trained fighter pilots have. Accent on the highly trained. They'll be able to help with navigation or detect objects in the road. Tom Sedar from General Motors said the goal is "to make driving more interactive." 

Interactive. You know, like in the old days, when people used to watch the road, and pay attention to traffic, and actively use brakes and signals and steering wheels and such.  

Actually interacting with, um, life. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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