Wednesday, October 08, 2014

2324 Weak End

Occasionally I'll be going through life minding my own business and then see something that gives me a cause for pause.

I saw one of those things recently on a drive up to Everett. I went by the Cabelas up there and they had a big banner on their building that said, "NRA Weekend Sale." 

I thought it was interesting because no matter where you are on the whole gun thing it's odd that a quasi-political organization would be featured by a retailer with a weekend sale. 

I wouldn't expect to see a Target having a "NEA Weekend" during back to school shopping season. Or REI having a "Sierra Club Weekend," but who knows? Maybe that's next. Retail's tough. You need to target market to your ideal demographic. 

Speaking of targeting, another thing that made me pause was when I opened up my Google account the other day and instead of going to the regular sign-in page there was first a landing page on which they asked for my mobile phone number.

"Help us keep your accounts safe," they entreated by way of explanation. 

Um, no. I'm already upset that you compromised my security by providing me with only one password for multiple accounts. One hackable password, I may add. Thanks for making it easy for them, despite all the anti-hacker literature saying multiple passwords are the best way to protect different silos of data. 

Now you want to have my mobile phone number tied to it so if and when some foreign or domestic troll decides to hack into my multiple accounts they can hack into my personal and business phone data too.

It's like you're getting a kickback from them through the back door or something. Maybe your Google store should have a "Hacker's Weekend."

America, ya gotta love it.

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