Tuesday, October 07, 2014

2323 Shift Happens

Words. They sure are shifty. Whether because the rules of speech make us expect something else or new changes in culture nudge our brains to move in different directions.

Like when a friend sent me a video she took at a recent event. What was different from the old video technology was she had taken it with her phone. When folks took photographs with a camera they were a photographer. When they took video they were a videographer. When you take it with your smartphone are you a phonographer? 

A problematic word. As it also suggests you made phonograph records. And it sounds uncomfortably close to pornographer. 

In another word shift I drove by a place near the airport called Spa Depot. Except in their big building sign they run the two words together into SpaDepot. And for the first time, I guess because of a combination of the font and a recent news story that put my mind in mind of the new marijuana law I read spadepot as spade pot. 

Oh yeah. Spade Pot, that new marijuana garden supply house.

Lastly I was confronted with a conundrum in a commercial I heard on the radio recently. It was for McDonalds and they were talking about groups of things. Like a Flock of Falcons and a Herd of Colts. And they also mentioned a Group of Saints. 

It made me wonder. "Group" sounds so un-special and un-saintly. Are you sure that isn't a Bevy of Saints? Or, since many folks think saints turn into angels and since angels have wings, a Flock of Saints might be more appropriate.  

Or maybe the word they use for bats. Since, like saints, bats are mammals with wings. How about a Cloud of Saints?

Doesn't sound shifty at all. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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