Thursday, July 31, 2014

2279 Re-Lego

Saw an interesting thing the other day. It was a small roadside sign that said, "Lego -- Buy, Sell, and Trade."

What, I thought, has Lego-mania really gotten to the point that there's an aftermarket in it? And then, on reflection, why not? They are certainly more persistent in manufacturing quality and durability than baseball cards. Virtually indestructible in fact. 

As my children went through their various Lego phases, Legos were always underfoot. And never crushed. In fact it was my feet themselves that got damage, as the sharp-edged knobs and squares gouged into my soft soles. Not to mention the occasional trip and fall. I'm surprised the Lego company was never sued out of existence.

So I can see how folks like myself, having passed through hundreds of dollars of ankle-twisting purchases, may want to recoup some of that coin and suffering when their kids finally wander off, hopefully never to return semi-permanently.

It's not like the basic Lego building block has changed significantly over the decades. The only building block more basic than Lego is the basic building block itself. The wooden-lettered one that's as basic as ABC.

I wonder if you can repurchase or get highest value for complete Lego themed sets, or if it’s all based on a per block price. Intrinsic or perceived value. Legonomics. 

In addition, with the advent and success of the amazing Lego movie, popularity and value are even greater. First Transformers, then Lego. How lucky some toys are to have full-length feature movies.

Never saw that in my day. It sure would have been cool to have a Lincoln Log movie. Or a Tinker Toy or Erector Set film. Now you don't see many Lincoln Logs anymore. 

Must be running out of Lincoln fiber. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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