Monday, July 21, 2014

2271 Private Tryin'

I notice that privacy is the new black. For years the social media mavens have been bragging about how great they are about getting data they can use to target consumers. Now, between NSA snooping and Facebook emotional slapping, consumers seem to be fighting back.

Interestingly, Facebook still doesn't quite get it. In a nod to the new ethos, they made an uncharacteristically transparent announcement recently. But it was that they would be tracking you even more. They said in order to make your ads better, they would be tracking your web and app browsing habits. 

Like they haven't been doing that all along? Transparent schmansparent, that's what they founded they're platform on. Luckily, this time Facebook allows you to opt out. You can do that most easily by going to Digital Advertising Alliance at to do so to Facebook and other outlets. Unfortunately, you'll have to redo it every time you clear your browser.

So you still gotta keep tryin' to be private. Private tryin' as it were.

But privacy is gaining popularity. Both Google and Microsoft recently announced they're adding kill switches to their phones. Kill switches automatically wipe out your phone's data, making them less attractive to phone muggers. 

Great idea, but only if everyone does it. Whatcha gonna do, shout to a mugger that your phone has a kill switch? It worked with iPhone kill switches, but iPhones are a recognizable piece of hardware. Thieves still won't know for sure about other brands. 

"Is that a Samsung Galaxy? Hand it over or I'll stab you. IPhone huh? Hand over your password too. Cool, it has the tap-to-pay app. Even if you remotely kill it, I'll still have time to use your private identity while you find try to find a public payphone to call the cops..."  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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