Thursday, July 24, 2014

2274 Gone to Pot

As folks slowly adjust to the legalization of cannabis in Washington and Colorado, various issues have started to crop up. That's usually the problem with legislating by initiative. Grassroots campaigns are long on desire and short on implementation details.

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the Cheetos. 

Especially in Washington State. Colorado was able to convert from medical to recreational marijuana fairly easily because they had a well-regulated medical marijuana system. They essentially just had to change signs.

In Washington the medical cannabis industry grew more organically and loosely, so lots of folks purveying the product were not as licensed and bonded as one would have hoped. Bottom line, a lot of the issues are still pretty cloudy, but people are being assured that the state will eventually hash them out.

Funny though, for the last few years, a big push by the tourist industry in our state has been for the benefits of agri-tourism. Who would have thought the "agri" in question would be pot. 

There's already some indication that this is so. Certainly in Colorado, where they've made millions of dollars in tax revenue to date. Just like folks go to Las Vegas because gambling is legal, now they're flocking to Colorado and Washington to sample a different semi-licit thrill.

Sadly, there's also been an effect on organizations seeking to promote other things entirely. The International Rotary president, who chooses the overarching theme message for Rotary every year, recently came up with what turned out to be a controversial one, considering there are so many Washington and Colorado clubs. This year's motto is, "Light Up Rotary." 

In his defense, he's from a different country and the motto may have got lost a little in translation. It actually means, "Fire up a Fatty..."

America, ya gotta love it. 

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